Ian Jones A conceptual approach to assessing mathematics

Robert Coe Investigating item quality using fit and other indicators

Dr John Little, Sarah Gott and Professor Peter Tymms Sequences with stopping rules

Katharine Bailey, Christine Merrell Teachers’ ratings of children’s personal, social and emotional development at the start of school: Is there evidence of differential item functioning between groups?

Jan R. Böhnke Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Linking of Epidemiological Quality of Life Data

Emily Winchip Rasch Measurement as a Feminist Quantitative Approach

John de Jong, Daeryong Seo Detecting Differential Rater Functioning

Karl Bang Christensen, Guido Makransky, Mike Horton Critical Values for Yen’s Q3: Identification of Local Dependence in the Rasch model using Residual Correlations

Peter Tymms Rasch Users’ Day Introduction

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Maria Pampaka, Julian Williams Measuring Teaching Practices with the Rasch Model: Part 1

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