The 11th UK Rasch Day

31 March 2017

Arden House, University of Warwick, Kirby Corner Road, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK

9:15-9:45 Registration and coffee

9:45-9:50 Welcome and introduction


Application of Rasch models in information systems studies

Overview of Information Systems Research: Implementing Rasch Model (Elspeth McKay)

Applying the Rasch model on measuring mobile healthcare (mHealthcare) training for healthcare employees in Jordan (Mahmoud Bakkar and Elspeth McKay)

Rasch-based Analyses to improve the effectiveness of eLearning Applications in Higher Education (Allaa Barefah)

Human Factors Measurement in Gaming for Rehabilitation Robotics (Dwiriana Setiati, Raymond Holt, Rory O’Connor and Brian Henson)

11:20-11:40 Coffee


Application of Rasch models in educational studies (I)

Evaluation of the Mathematics Performance of Distance Education Students with Rasch Model in Higher Education: Sakarya University Case Study (Elif Dulger and Christine Merrell)

Should multiple choice items be used to assess mathematical knowledge? (Ian Jones and Christopher Sangwin)

Is number identification the beginning of a unique developmental pathway in mathematics? (H. Cramman, S. Gott, C. Merrell, P. Tymms and L.T. Copping)

12:50-13:35 Lunch


Application of Rasch models in educational studies (II)

Measuring Scientific Reasoning: Construct Validation of the Primary Scientific Reasoning Test (PSRT) using Rasch modelling (Ng Yee Ping Diana)

Mixing many-facet Rasch measurement with qualitative methods to identify rater influences on oral proficiency judgements (Thomas Rogers)

Self-determination theory and teachers’ experiences (Emily Winchip and Mia Vainio)


Comparative judgement and missing data

The practical application of comparative judgement in risk management (James Creasey) Investigating the comparability of examination difficulty using comparative judgement and Rasch modelling (Steve Holmes, Qingping He and Michelle Meadows)

Using a comparative judgment methodology to investigate the ‘Sawtooth Effect’ in UK secondary school assessments (Ben Cuff)

Missing data: a practical matter that confronts analysts and has profound implications (Andrew Boyle and Lawrence Bardwell)

16:15 Close